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Victoria Albert Bathtub ROHL

The Only Bathtub Store in Toronto You’ll Want to Experience

Contrary to what many people might think, buying a bathtub is not the same as selecting your faucets, toilets, showers and other fixtures and fittings. When you visit our bathroom store in Vaughan and walk around our 20,000 sq. ft showroom, we understand that you are really looking for the power of water to bring you the ultimate in relaxation. And that is why, we want to make sure you choose a bathtub that elevates the look and feel of your new or remodeled bathroom to a whole new level of luxury and comfort. No matter whether you have a small space or a larger, more open bathroom, there’s a bathtub that will fit right in. All you have to do is step in and do three things: Refresh, Relax, Rejuvenate. 

Our Bathroom Store in Vaughan Has All the Best Brands On Display

You may or may not plan on making your bathtub a focal point in your overall bathroom design. The truth is it will be! Choosing the right size, style, shape, material, placement, are all important considerations to have in mind as you visit a bathtub store in Toronto.  

  • Should you pick the classic look of beautiful stone or the modern convenience of stylish acrylic? 
  • How will it fit in with the bathroom vanity you want for the storage you need? 
  • Will an alcove style bathtub allow more room in your not-so-large bathroom?  
  • Is a freestanding bathtub just what you need to create that feeling of space, luxury, and class?  
  • Are you looking for balanced curves or sophisticated, clean lines and bevelled edges?  
  • Does a right drain suit you better or should it be on the left?  
  • Do you want to place it by a window or against a statement wall?  

Making the choice can seem overwhelming when you see all the gorgeous, brand name bathtubs on display in Vatero’s bath and kitchen store in Vaughan.     

Our expert designers love meeting customers and exchanging ideas on how to make bathrooms the best rooms ever! Book a free consultation today. Visit our bathtub store in Toronto for advice and find your new, gorgeous bathtub here. Feel free to contact us online with your questions.          

Victoria Albert Bathtub ROHL
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