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Lux-gold Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet

Brand Name Toilets in Toronto | Shop at Vatero

Remodeling your outdated bathroom? Building a new, stylish bathroom? Don’t pour your money down the toilet! Choose your bathroom fixtures wisely. Vatero has the top brands in our huge bath and kitchen store in Toronto. Here, you can buy high quality toilets for your home. We understand your need for comfort, ultimate sanitation, and style. The range of toilets in our Vaughan showroom gives you the opportunity to pick the best ones that serve the needs of your home and family.  

Quality Toilets with All the Features & Functions You Want

Increasingly, modern homeowners are keen on installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances. Toilets are the second most significant source of water consumption, after shower systems. We have low-flow toilets with powerful flushing systems in various sizes, types, brands and models to allow your home to be water smart. Keeping in mind the increased demand for personal hygiene and cleanliness, we also have intelligent toilets, bidets, and even washlets. To make cleaning time more efficient, we offer a variety of one piece, fully skirted toilets from various brands. For our nation’s growing population of seniors and people living with disabilities, we are happy to offer ADA-approved toilets. You can trust that your new toilets in Toronto will deliver the performance, comfort, cleanliness, and visual appeal you deserve to have in your bathroom.         


The shape you want, the size and height you need, the colour you visualize, single or dual flush, side or top flush, the lid style you prefer, wall hung or floor mount, with or without a bidet, ADA approved, comfort height, elongated, and no matter what other criteria you have in mind, Vatero has the toilets you need. If you aren’t sure what toilets are best for your Toronto home, our team can help! Book a free consultation today. 

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