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Exclusive Showroom Display for Bathroom Vanities in Toronto

Vanities may be simplistically defined as a combination of countertop, sink, and cabinetry, but they are much more than that. When you’re shopping for bathroom vanities in Toronto, you are thinking about space maximization, organization, aesthetics, form, function, and finish, and all the elements that bring together your overall bathroom design and layout. 

Our bath and kitchen store in Vaughan is the second-largest showroom in North America, so it helps to prepare for your visit to buy your bathroom vanity. Here are some useful tips from our bathroom design specialists: 

  1. Take measurements. Knowing how much room you have available will help you pick the right size vanity.  
  2. Know your storage requirements. An organized bathroom has a lot to do with the configuration of your vanity. What items would you like to place on the countertop? How much cabinet space do you want and what do you plan to store in it? Do you need drawers for everyday items? Which side do you want the drawers—left, right, or centre?  
  3. Consider the installation logistics. Is it going to be a floor mount or a wall mount? Single sink or a double basin? How do you want to place the mirror and what size will it be? What about lighting for your vanity? Will you need an electrical connection to keep your mini cosmetics fridge under your wall mount vanity? Electrical, plumbing, hardware, are all part of the logistics involved with installing your new bathroom vanity. 
  4. Think about your colour scheme. What colours have you planned for your flooring and walls? You might want to choose the colour, material, and finish for your vanity’s countertop, cabinetry, sink, and faucets, accordingly.    
  5. Envision the look and feel of your space. Finally, try to picture your dream bathroom, or better still, sketch it roughly on paper or on your computer. Think about where you want to place the necessary items like the toilet. Do you have room for – and want – a bathtub or will you go with a fabulous stand up shower system? There’s never one perfect layout or design, so feel free to create a few options. When you’re ready to shop for bathroom vanities in Toronto, come in and meet with our design team at Vatero. We’ll be delighted to discuss your ideas and help you choose the best vanity, along with all your other bathroom fixtures and fittings. 

Wide Range of Bathroom Vanities in Our Vaughan Store

If there’s a particular brand name you have in mind, you’ll be sure to find it at Vatero. Walk around our 20,000 sq. ft. showroom in Vaughan and see the display of all the leading bathroom vanities as well as a full lineup of other fixtures. 

We have an experienced and versatile team of designers available to meet with you and guide your purchase. Book a free consultation today. Feel free to contact us online with your questions about bathroom vanities in Toronto.

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