Cramer Bath and Kitchen Stain Eraser


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We all know the problem of hard-to-remove marks and heavy stains on enameled baths, sanitary ceramics, sinks and tile. Very often common cleaning detergents fail to remove these residues or cause damage and discoloration of the material. The Cramer Stain Eraser helps to eliminate these problems gently and easily. Due to its composition, the Stain Eraser will remove stuck-on deposits and discolorations thoroughly without leaving any scratches on the enamel or ceramic surface. The Stain Eraser is acid free, solvent free and environmentally friendly.

> Only suitable for ceramic, enameled cast iron and porcelain-on-steel items; do not use on acrylic or fiberglass surfaces

> Thorough cleaning without scratching

> Highly effective and easy to use

> Can be used while wet or underwater

> Removes hardened lime build up in the bathtub and sink


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