Lux Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet

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LUX is a smart toilet that offers all the necessary functions for a spa-like experience. The bidet can be summoned with the touch of a button and will clean itself before and after each use. LUX‘s heated seat offers maximum comfort in cold and warm weather conditions, while the built-in air dryer gives you a refreshing feeling after every use.

Hygiene Technology Comfort Safety
Rear wash
Front wash
Self-cleanse nozzle
Massage wash
UV sterilizer
Replaceable nozzle tip
Infinity Knob
Power-outage flush
Power-outage memory
Night light
Seat sensor
Heated seat
Warm air dry
Turbo air dry
Air temperature control
Water pressure control
Water temperature control
Nozzle position control
Silent slow closing lid and seat
Remote control with wall-mount bracket
Power leak protection
Double filtration
Anti-bacteria nozzle
IPX4 water resistance
Pressure control device
Stainless-steel nozzle
Antibacterial coating seat
Dimensions 68.58 × 39.37 × 47.498 in

Finish Options

Ecoway series

Lux Series

Toilet Type

One Piece Toilets, Smart Toilets

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