Muse iWASH CS-20 Bidet Toilet

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Integrated Bidet Toilet
HET 1.28 gpf
Chair-Height Bowl

> Vitreous china toilet bowl with full-featured electronic bidet seat top
> Chair-height 16-1/2″ (420 mm) bowl rim
> Elongated bowl shape
> Silent Close heated seat with adjustable temperature
> Warm air dryer
> Adjustable, antimicrobial stainless steel nozzle with adjustable position
> LED in-bowl nightlight
> Built-in deodorizer

> HET (high-efficiency toilet)
> 1.28 gallons (4.8 liters) per flush
> Bowl-cleaning Pre-mist
> Tankless, instant water heating system
> Double-jet rimless flush for maximum bowl cleaning performance
> Auto-flush
> 100% factory flush tested

Accessories Included
> Plastic bolt cover tiles (2 each)
> Remote control with wall-mount

Nominal Dimensions
> 27-1/5″ x 15-7/8″ x 21-1/4″


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One Piece Toilets, Smart Toilets

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