Paradox #PXTQ83C Thermostatic shower valves 4-way Type T/P coaxial complete valve


Flow: 19 L/min, 5.0 gpm (US) 60psi
?” inlet male NPT or sweat
Service valves
Thermostatic/pressure balance coaxial cartridge with check valves
4 positions (OFF, 1, 2, 3) no share
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Flow: 76 L/min, 20 gpm (US) 60psi
4 outlets: two “outlets male NPT and two ” outlets male NPT or ” female NPT
2 different temperatures
2 integrated volume controls
2 thermo/pressure balance coaxial cartridges with check valves
inlet male NPT, dedicated main water supply required
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Weight9.188 kg
Dimensions13.56 × 10.63 × 6.94 cm

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